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15th - 21st September 2017 Energy Report & Video Update With Energy Tips: Hold Your Energy - Bifurcation in Progress!

By jona bryndis, Sep 15 2017 07:00PM

Weekly Energy Report for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People


Hold Your Energy - Bifurcation In Progress!



While the existing system is still trying to cover up its fast approaching collapse, the majority of conscious people on this planet have already realized that things are not they way ‘they’ try make us believe. The strongest impact on our energy system right now is the ongoing DECEPTION into believing that everything is under control. You can feel it in your head, eyes, ears, and around your solar plexus (6th, 5th & 3rd Chakra) - your inner truth is not matching up with what is going on around you.

We have to stop trying to figure it out by trying to control outer energies!

There is there is no fix!

Accept that the old is not what we want and learn how to feel things out from within our inner truth, so that we can better discern what's best for us in future!

For energetically sensitives and empaths this poses a CONGRUENCE problem. We feel drained, dazed and doubt ourselves. This past week has been a continual bombardment with inner and outer dramas. CHAOS AS PLANNED! As long as stay in the red (ego) zone we are helpless. It triggered our fears and challenged our inner judgment. We regressed into old behaviors and made choices we already knew are not conducive for our energy. Oh well! No matter how we have been coping with out reality in the past, nothing works. We feel like we cannot take it any more! Thats it - I've had it - just leave me alone...

It is in our human nature to agree to change only if the PAIN OF STAYING WHERE WE ARE AT is great than the FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

Have you had enough pain yet?

Arriving at this place where our old ego-tactics fail us and things feel like they are getting OUT OF CONTOL sucks in the moment, but it can be a great opportunity the purify and purge our life from what is no longer needed. This entire month of September has been about addressing anything holding us back or what turned our to be no longer needed. It's been giving us the opportunity to reflect and correct, so that we can move on with more CLARITY about what we truly want and how we want it.

So, while this can be really uncomfortable for our ego - it is exactly where you want to be right now! Don't trust in your ego telling you to stay put or to endure! Seriously! Your ego 'likes' what it's most familiar with - no matter how dysfunctional. It is not a good advisor if EVOLVING is part of your goal list. Screw your CRITICAL INNER VOICE and challenge your ego.

Before the final stages of our personal and global RENEWAL process can begin we will have to face the harsh winds of self-transformation. Many believe that this renewal process will be precipitated by a BIFURCATION in human evolution, a process in which growth happens through a FORCED CHOICE of resonance leaving no path back to the old ways. If we ignore our inner and outer promptings and try to bypass chaotic energies with our ego-addiction to complacency and ILLUSION OF SAFETY, such ‘Forks in the Road’ are unfortunately often accompanied by trauma, crisis or disease – events or developments that force us to change.

The more consciously we embrace change, the clearer the path ahead of us, and dramas aren’t necessary needed for us to make the right decisions.

Whether or not we choose to claim OUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE and become proactive in our life’s journey very much depends on how willing we are to clean up our past. Now is the time!

Granted, not everyone is interested in this kind of inner work just because we discovered that we are sensitive to collective energies. We all have personal baggage and fear that is holding us back! In all those years of supporting others on their life’s journey through energy coaching and healings, I have seen so many miracles come true, that I can assure you that no hunk is too big to resolve! It not about WHAT we experience, it's HOW we respond to it!

Whether or not this bifurcation we are observing right now will lead to a never before simultaneous existence of two different dimensional realities, I don’t know; but judging by the increasing differences in how people handle inner and outer conflicts, it feels quite possible...

Never before has the QUALITY OF OUR INNER CONNECTION, and with it our ability to unconditionally love, discern, express and feel truth, been more instrumental in the ADAPTATION TO CHANGE as today. Energy shifts, sudden increases in vibrational frequency and collective energy waves amplify our inner energetic structure and magnify our ability to DISCERN TRUTH. If our life is based on ego illusions - the collapse of existing structures is only a matter of time.

As for the entire month of September into late October the clearing of illusions and resolution of inner and outer conflicts is crucial. If we don't respond to the call for SELF-TRANSFORMATION, change will force its way into our lives with potential loss of freedom - on all levels!

On a global scale, as well in our personal lives, everything we see right now is the manifestation of our inner processes since 2012. If we are aware of inner conflicts and ego attachment we are most likely already consciously working on our manifestations - then outer outer chaos will not affect us as much. We will be able to observe the escalation conflicts and navigate through them with ease!

Once more, forgive me for speaking without sugar-coating, but if we have been spending the past years with specialness, numbing, reenergizing the wounds, denying our heart’s promptings, and looking at a fearful or non-existent future - what do we expect to happen? A mystical rescue mission? A savior who will lead us out of this misery? A sudden shift or intervention of HIGHER POWER that fixes everything? Sorry to break it for you, but this shift is already in progress and the higher power that can sort this our for us resides within in us!

If we fail to re-organize, re-claim and re-prioritize our life now, nobody will do it for us! As long as we externalize out power to others, the government, we will miss this important evolutionary process and get sucked into the COLLECTIVE KARMA of pain and suffering!


In transformational times like these past and coming weeks, there is are choices presented pretty much all the time! But in order to turn your energetic resonance around, so that you can attract more advantageous conditions into your life you need to accept responsibility for your manifestations! It's about ACCEPTING YOUR PART IN HOW YOU EXPERIENCE YOUR REALITY - and not trying to control or fight things you cannot change.

The more integrous you are with yourself, the more congruent your ENERGETIC REALITY becomes. The more congruent you are, the stronger your energy becomes - the easier the shift!

Since July we have been dealing with improving our inner and outer connection and relationships; this will continue until the end of the year. By now, we should all have made conscious attempts to work on our inner truth and HOW TO EXPRESS OURSELVES MORE CONGRUENTLY, be it through improving our ability to collaborate, reconcile with our past choices and work with our hidden shadow aspects in relationship with others - all leading to a higher vibrational stance and improved ability to SHIFT OUR ENERGY when needed..

If you are ON TRACK with these energetic disciplines, the coming energetic waves won't carry you away that easily. If you are at the beginning of your awakening process, then use the time next week to catch up. Read, watch or listen to people who have already been oh this path and use your inner discernment. Ditch all that doesn't feel true to you and only assimilate what empowers and encourages you! You have no time/energy to waste!

During this time a deeper understanding of your ego mechanisms and a STRONGER CONNECTION TO OUR INTUITIVE INNER GUIDANCE can lead you closer to your true feelings and help you to navigate through inner and outer dramas with more EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL MATURITY. This coming week(s) is all about your ENERGETIC EFFICIENCY - your ability to manage and self-master your energy.

Things will be in a constant state of flux, so the more independent and confident you are in handling crises the easier it will be to navigate through the stream of events!

Anything not in harmony with your True Self needs to be weeded out or else you will have to revisit the same issue with increased intensity later. This will become obvious towards the end of this month. By then, it will be important to have a good self-sustained safety net, synergetic community and a few good friends you can talk to. Never forget that your circle of friends and social environment is part of your manifestation and attractor field! If you want change, go out and make new friends! You will be surprised who you attract into your life this month!

However, improving our relationships also means to reflect on our relationship to all things that we come in contact with or are exposed to. This includes our relationship with the collective. Pay attention to all energies you allow in and INGEST; be it in form of food, thoughts, movies, exercise or other people’s energies! Stay away from fear-mongering, specialness, infringement, gossip, news, negativity and other triggers of fear and self-doubt. Instead, focus on ONENESS, favor peaceful solutions, yet stand your ground firmly!

Claim your freedom, claim your truth, but make sure you provide the same for others!

Also, take extra care your physical body, so it can handle change more easily. Reduce toxins and increase water intake and rest more! For this last quarter of the year you will need to become more aware of your physical energy management and learn how you can balance yourself more quickly. The coming weeks are perfect for a physical detox! (Here a link to a Nutritional Detox Program starting on the 22nd September facilitated by one of our transCOACHES).

Those of you, who have been actively working on inner reconciliation, dealing with inner darkness and the resolution of personal transformational growth aspects, are now finally beginning to realize how far they have come. Congratulations! From here it’s only a matter of CONSEQUENTIAL CONGRUENCE (and perhaps letting go of your spiritual ego) until your new beginnings take effect. For you, it's time to come out of your shell and start to implement your talents by becoming of service to others!

All the best!



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Energy Tips From Jeff

Jona and I are still hearing from numerous people who are really struggling right now with the intensities that are quite bombarding or overwhelming to the point where one can become unsure what is their 'stuff' (ego patterns, emotions) and what is others.

When the current intensities hit, it is like our energy becomes swamped or overcome, and if we don't work immediately to center or ground, we can easily get spun into fear, worry, doubt, anger, and the whole gambit of defensive responses in the hopes that we can cope with all that is hitting us.

First of all, if this has happened or is happening, cut yourself some slack.

Our society is going faster and faster and the world is as well. Timelines are shortening, responses are expected to be instantaneous and everything turning out 'ok' or 'exactly as expected' is the only thing that most want to hear.

And, if these slightly outrageous demands aren't met, the intensity spikes up further into blaming, justifying, and a whole slew of attacks in the attempt to blame anyone so that no responsibility or need to change and most can hide in how unfair things are or in how much better they are than others.

Now, these games has always been at play, but the speed at which they are occurring and stress to the overall system right now with political, environment, and social issues on the rise, can make it feel almost like it is too much to handle as our own programs are spiking and the added intensity of the collective just doesn't feel that good.

Intense times, however, actually bring up amazing opportunities to shift and change our ways, but it sometimes isn't the that fun of a ride as they occur. If can remember this potential change, that alone can help, but there are a couple things to remind yourself of when you get a bit shocked or hit by what is going on 'in the world.'

Remember to Breathe - focusing on our breath and slowing it down sends multiple messages to the body to settle, relax and energetically center. As this occurs, we may notice much of what is bothering us subsides for a bit

Remind yourself of what is currently going on in the present moment - many times when we become 'swamped' or 'overwhelmed' it is simply our ego/mind attempting to pull into various futures or pasts. This is what the ego does, utilizing only experience to hopefully 'fix' or 'cope with' imbalances as they arise. Many times, this will not work, but by reminding yourself that nothing is really happening right now (majority of the time), we can begin to pull back from the projections and worries that 'might' or 'could' happen. This also centers our energy a bit and helps to relax

For example, if you find yourself in fear, are really in danger right now? If so, then of course the ego can help you with flight or fight. But, the majority of the time, we are not in danger in that very moment, we are worrying about what could occur. By simply realizing this, we can let the fear go and be more proactive in creating a better solution

Change what you are doing or try something different - Shift your energy and how you normally 'handle' or 'cope' with these intensities. By doing so, you actively begin to search out new ways that may be more effective. Here are some activities to try or to pull back from to help with this:

- Back off on watching television or social media

- Pull back from intense interactions that are not needed; same for people

- Put down your phone and talk to someone in person

- Play with your kids or your pets

- Go for a walk

- Set things that bother you aside for a bit so they don't overwhelm you

- Talk with someone you care about who will listen

Accept that you are not in control of anything, but one thing - This one is tough sometimes as when we feel out of control it can add to our stress. But, if we just accept that we never were in control other than our actions and reactions, we can work to let this go to and pull back from thinking we have to have an answer for everything.

Enriching your life and pulling back from the faster and faster 'rat race' of life is a way of becoming more real and less into projections or distractions. It also brings you into a calmer state where you have more space to feel things out and make healthier decisions. And, by taking a proactive approach to dealing with intensities as they arise, you move into a more active and functional way of being.

Except that intense times and stress are part of life, but they don't have to ruin or run you. It is really a matter of shifting your energy and position in the moment. As in this, we begin to focus a bit within and this enhances not only our ability to handle these situations, but also opens us up to new ways coming in to aid us.

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach and Founder of Selfunificaiton.com

To help out those who feel just too swamped or overcome with emotions, intensity or heaviness, we are offering the Energetic Clearing Sessions for 1/2 off for the rest of September. We have never done this before, but due to what we are seeing and hearing from people, we really just want to offer this to give people who are in need a bit of a reprieve.

This is only for individual sessions, and if you are interested, please email me at [email protected] or click here to be taken to the sign up page!

To learn more about clearings and energy work read: Energy Healing & Remote Energy Transmission Sessions Explained

Individual Clearing Sessions can really help with:

- Clearing excessive emotions or attachments

- Feeling or obtaining a new perspective on what it feels like to be clear and enhance your ability to go

into self-care and healing

- Enhance overall energetic levels to aid in connection, integration and letting go

- Reframing or recontexualizing various patterns or situations to allow for change and healing

- Chance to interact with a coach to help break down or enhance deeper understanding and what may be

better choices in your life (via email or coaching sessions) to help integrate and live more abundantly

Pricing is $100 for individual clearing with only session report and email support (normally $200) , and $125 for individual clearing session with coaching and session report (normally $250).

Don't hesitate to reach out and ask for an initial free coaching session as well to talk through what is occurring as this may also help things to subside. And, for more information on clearings, please click here.

Thank you!


Stay tuned for our Weekly Energy Updates to check on collective energies and energy tips how to change your inner conditions!

Check out and subscribe to our weekly energy update videos on our Youtube Channel here.

transCODES offers a platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of self and self-healing. Through personal energy coaching and remote energy based group and individual sessions we provide hands-on guidance and healing services to energetically sensitive persons or anyone who feels prompted seek a deeper inner heart-connection or consciousness work. All energy services offered through transCODES are self-empowering in nature, non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

With our Sacred Self-Healing Program we complied a 12 month journey exploring the deeper levels of our consciousness and higher abilities. In highly transformative biweekly Steps we learn about the different layers of inner perception, energetic sensations and our dualistic ego-addiction. You will receive coded daily mediations supported by an interactive forum, online meetings and a comprehensive workbook with 250 + pages reading material and exercises to increase inner heart based connection and navigation through your Self-Healing Journey. Email me if you have questions: [email protected]

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