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13th-19th October 2017 Energy Update & Practical Tips (Week 42): Courage Needed - No More Half-A** !

By jona bryndis, Oct 13 2017 12:28PM

Weekly Energy Report for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons


13th - 19th October 2017

WEEK 42 - Courage Needed - No More Half-A** !




Hi Everybody,

Ooh, this was a tough video to record, with so much outer interference going on - sorry for moving around the first 15 minutes! But at the same time it's a very good example for staying focused and simply adapting to outer conditions.

Many of you probably missed last week's energy report - here the link for the written report and video for Week 41 (6th-12th October 2017).

So, after two weeks of intense emotional and mental ups and downs we are finally reaching the peak of tension. If we can get through these next two weeks without major dramas, we made it past the hump. Ugh - finally! 

But until the very end of October, we will still need to process some of the energies that boiled to the surface in these past months. Illusions fell apart, major betrayal was uncovered (still going on) and we have gotten a good look at our very own (shadow-) parts.

How to proceed from here?

First of all, if you are going through a time of disillusionment, loneliness and low motivation know that this is not all yours! Sure, this ongoing correction concerns us all, and to a degree we all have to go through it, but this doesn't mean that we are alone in this! We are all connected, affected and challenged!

The trick with handling these corrective energies, be it through effecting our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual freedom is in understanding the larger context. If we can get past asking ourselves "Why?! Why Me?!" we may uncover our very own ego patterns that are playing out everywhere else as well. Nothing is is what it pretended or appeared to be. We are getting very close to the BIG MOMENT OF TRUTH. Time to grow up! It's time for our Self-Mastery!

One of the main abilities we will need for this coming week is ADAPTABILITY and the COURAGE to insist on your need to liberate ourselves from conditions that are not conducive for us. 

In the video I talk about the necessity to get moving and to connect with a certain kind of DOINGNESS (healthy masculine energies within), as well as accepting that our physical is part of our journey. In this context I am also explaining how the notion that SACRIFICES are noble or needed is a COLLECTIVE IMPLANT that is designed to make us agree or compromise with conditions that keep our energies controllable.

Many of us are currently uncovering the deeper mechanics of MANIPULATION. Do not give up here now! Just because you are seeing it now doesn't really make it better or worse before. However, as you can 'see' it now, understand that this is your wake-up call!

If you are feeling the prison of your collective/family karma this week, remind yourself that you have a CHOICE. You can choose to stay in your ego-illusion or you can side-step collective karma-drama by claiming your higher vibratory ability to see through all this. Just like in the Matrix movie, the transition is not easy at first, but the reward is your LIBERTY, TRUST, TRUTH, LOVE, ABUNDANCE  & HEALING - and with it the opportunity to THRIVE even in challenging times - instead of energetically shriveling up in anger, resentment, judgment, fear or pain!

Forgive me this direct tone, but naming things the way they are is part of this week's energy tip. Collective energies ask us to STOP SUGAR-COATING things that are not okay for us. What is being uncovered right now about child abuse, sexual misconduct, food contamination, drug & med manipulation, bank fraud, racism, anti-feminism, animal cruelty, rip-off, warmongering, gradual removal of freedom of speech, data theft & corruption, human rights violation, suppression of technology that could solve poverty and starvation, and so on - IS NOT INTEGROUS and therefore not acceptable! Being in the presence and tolerating such values hurts and FRAGMENTS US from within. They've gotta go!

The same applies to our family situation, relationships, jobs and other commitments. If the energy exchange is no longer conducive and you can feel your own INTEGRITY UNDER SIEGE, it's time to stop making COMPROMISES that lower your and other people's vibratory energy!

Watch it happen!

Here a bulleted summary of what to expect this coming week:


- Continued ungroundedness

- Feelings of oppression, helplessness and powerlessness

- Feeling of 'something bad is gonna happen'

- Continued relationship issues or sudden break-ups

- More Betrayal & Disappointment

- Nightmares, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia

- Lung pains, Lower respiratory infections, nervousness, digestive issues, candida

  flare ups, lowered immune response, adrenal fatigue, knee problems


- Connecting within

- Heart-breathing & meditation

- Embrace your energetic senses

- Inner Child Work

- Physical activity (jump-robe, weight training, grunt work - lighter versions with joint

  pain, such as swimming )

- Acknowledging New Reality

- Seeing things the way they are (journaling)

- Stop justifying, defending and judging

- Refrain from refined sugars, drink lots of water and eat grounding foods;

  Chamomile tea

- Connect with your passion and don't dismiss it!

- Pay attention to opportunities

All is explained in the video! For more remedies check the chakra charts below.

The next Facebook live update will be aired Thursday, 18th October 2017 @ 2PM (MDT).

Visit my Facebook Page here.

Thank you for your time!

All the best. 

Much Love,


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Affected Chakras This Week:

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