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12th-19th May 2017 Energy Update & Weekly Energy Digest (Week 20): Reconnect With Your Inner Healer!

By elecia, May 12 2017 01:00PM

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Reconnect With Your Inner Healer!

Weekly Energy Digest Week 20 - Energy Update 12th - 19th May 2017

Can you feel it? Yesterday, a major shift towards vitality, new ideas and increased inner energy came in. Full Moon Energies this month feel almost like New Moon, as there seems such a strong shift involved here. For us energetically sensitives and empaths these sudden collective shifts can be both - relieving or exhausting. How we perceive it really depends on our level of INNER ACCEPTANCE & RECONCILIATION. But, regardless of where you find yourselves at the moment, there is a new energy coming in, which compared to the past weeks and months promises at least a NEW PERSPECTIVE and OPPORTUNITY TO START FRESH!

This coming week will be all about DEEP HEALING: RELEASING, DISCERNING & EXPRESSING OUR TRUTH. In order to take advantage of this long awaited vitality and to feel it in our physical we need to apply everything we know about energy healing and how to reconnect with our INNER POWER TO HEAL.

Healing is a Three-Folded Process:

1. RELEASING of what's no longer needed

2. STRENGTHENING of what helps us to DISCERN

3. EXPRESSING our new attitude towards in the physical/3D

But - before you get started make sure you understand the basics of SELF-HEALING. To reconnect and reactivate the inner healer in you need to first give yourselves the PERMISSION TO HEAL!

Awakening to our inner self-healing power means "opening myself to the miraculous power of allowing myself to heal."

(Please read article: 3 Stages of Self-Healing below)


Let's take an inventory: The weeks past and their constant repeat made us feel stuck in our inner grinding and and wore us out. Check. Many are talking about Adrenal Fatigue, which is very common amongst untrained empaths and people who are just now beginning to realize that they are energetically sensitive. However, the burn out we are feeling is not cause for our 'stuckness' - it's the result of not being able to accept where we are at. So, what is really wearing us out is our inner resistance to letting of our PROGRAMMED VALUES AND BELIEFS, thinking we have to be at a certain place or state that we are not!

What many of us don't realize is that trying to fit in to a REALITY THAT IS NOT OURS is what makes this journey such a struggle. Whether it's your family or relatives, neighbors or friends, media or society altogether - the bottomline is that we all are conditioned to think and act in a certain way - a way that is often conditioned, modeled or habitual - but no longer true to us. So, instead of focusing our energy on trying to FIND OUR OWN WAY, we continue to tag along in toxic relationships, energy draining job-sites, judgmental relatives and futile comparing with others.

The first part of our INNER DEEP HEALING has to be about realizing where we are at and releasing what is not conducive or energy supporting for us.

Who says you have to comply with the insanity of the HUMAN COLLECTIVE SHADOW? Why do we keep getting pulled in by narcissists and people who have little to no consciousness? What in us makes us so SUSCEPTIBLE TO OTHER PEOPLE'S PROJECTIONS?

(To read more about Collective Shadow click here - about Energetic Absorption & Projection click here)

What we need is to learn healthier coping strategies and CONNECTION WITHIN, so that we don't keep absorbing other people's negativity in the attempt to at least a tiny bit connected. This mechanism is sad but true. We settle for fake attention, because we are too afraid of being true to ourselves...

For years I thought that being a mother, wife, daughter sister or energy healer means taking other people's pain away - like a grandiose fixer - only to find out that I was just as much caught in my INFANTILE SELFISHNESS as others. Just because I was using my 'talent' to absorb energies, I thought my intentions were more honorable. But deep down I wanted to look 'good' through the eyes of others - thinking that absorbing their pain would make them love me more. In the end, I felt victimized, taken advantage of or treated like a doormat - coincidence? No! It was me who enabled this whole drama; and to be totally honest, it was also me who had the resentment and inner negativity. This is what 'taking an inventory' means.

There is no need to beat myself up for seeing this now. I know why I did it this way - I didn't know any better ways; it was the way I learned to cope with my childhood wound of abandonment. But, if I want to learn and grow from this now, I have to own my part in the game and let go!

The predicament between increasing energetic/empathic sensitivity and bombardment from the outside can only be resolved if we can acknowledge our DEEP INNER WOUNDS.

What I've described above is a typical WHITE SHADOW trait - one of the most common hidden aspects for highly sensitive people. White Shadow is something we do to look 'nice' on the outside - but creating contempt on the inside. In our Sacred Self-Healing Course I wrote about White Shadow:

“In contrast to our hidden inner darkness and shadow coping mechanisms, White-Shadow is a form of hidden Shadow. Often, it’s a projection of an altruistic fake self wrapped in seemingly positive, pleasing or accepted behaviors, only put in place to cover up our true sentiments and often trying to compensate for our inner darkness.

White-Shadow is part of our ego’s attempt to feel accepted, respected, worthy and loved. True kindness, lovingness and joy originating in white-shadow are mechanisms based on outside recognition and approval and often feel like sacrifices. Typical White-Shadow traits express themselves in outer niceties and the projection of a loving fake front.

On the interpersonal energetic level White-Shadow often plays out as an unconscious and intricate display of False Self. Its motivation is conditional and therefore requires energy to be kept up; often leading to negative inner sentiments, energy drainage, judgment and a strong Critical Inner Voice.

Deep down, my expectation to be seen in a certain way is nothing but an attempt to control the other person’s view of me – a projection of my False Self. It forces energy to flow back to me and if this doesn’t occur in the way I expected it, a negative inner response can be triggered. If I do something to get something in return, even if it was ‘just’ to get a good feeling about myself, an energetic hook is placed between me and the other person, which continues the energetic drainage .

From the other person’s position, being in the presence of someone with strong white-shadow projection is energetically draining and often leads to feelings of inferiority or defensiveness. White-Shadow aggressively asks for an energetic response from another person and thus activates his/her protection mechanisms. This often triggers a battle of resonances in the 3rd Chakra field in the involved persons and often even escalates the hidden game of shadow-traits (i.e. trying to top one another).

When we are incongruent our inner alignment is not the same as our outer actions, thoughts, feelings, and choices or vice versa. It produces inner resistance and energetic fatigue.

The best way to discern White-Shadow from true caring for others is by examining our own subtle energy and inner sentiments as to whether there is a PERCEIVED PAYOFF we are expecting through offering or acting on pleasing behaviors."

The number one problem for energetically sensitives and empaths is the DISCERNMENT OF INNER ENERGIES. Our minds are not designed to discern truth - only our hearts are. Our HEART carries the un (Click here to read more about Discerning Truth), therefore the process of healing has to involve our heart-consciousness and spirituality. The best way to connect within is through stillness of the mind and training ourselves to really feel our feelings.


CHANGING THE WAY WE EXPRESS OURSELVES is the theme for the coming week. We cannot achieve SELF-ACTUALIZATION through cutting ourselves off from ourselves, separating from others or making others wrong! That’s the same collective shadow energy just in reverse!

Our power of expressing ourselves is directly linked to our ability to feel our inner truth. The more congruent our inner understanding and expressing of ourselves the more power our energy to manifest a happy and healthy life.

Between our heart and throat sits our Thymus Gland - often also called our HIGHER HEART. While it's an integral part of our lymphatic and thus physical immune system it also regulates the endocrine balance of our entire energy household - thus also regulates flow of energy between our discernment and our expression. Hence, our Thymus is not only linked to our physical but also our spiritual and personal growth!

If you watched the video you will have heard me talk about the connecting between our 4th and 5th Chakra. There I am explaining how we can merge our ability to feel, release and express through THUMPING or TAPPING ON OUR THYMUS GLAND.

If you have questions about how to do this right and how to support your heart and throat Chakra through breathing come to my Facebook page Saturday Night at 7pm (US Mountain Time) for live Q&A and where I will further discuss these aspects in my Live Stream

Click here to get to transCODES Facebook page.

Saturday, 13th May, 2017 @7pm (MDT) - Live Q&A at Facebook

Hope to see you in the Facebook live stream,

jona bryndis

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There is a tremendous power in knowing and loving who you are, even if you are not 'perfect'. Power doesn't come from others or what they think about you - true power comes from within you, which can only unfold if you can love ALL parts of you!


Healing is about removing what's in the way of being healthy - and becoming stronger maintaining health.

Energy Healing includes all aspects of health - from our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual to our energetic health. In fact, every physical problem can be lead back to an emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic cause. The hardest part about this new paradigm of health is accepting that our physical reality is the reflection of our energetic reality.

However, for as long our energetic reality is a mystery to us, we can hardly feel ourselves in the position to do anything about our physical nor energetic dynamics. If you want to feel in charge of your general health you need to learn how to read and feel your own energies. Energy Healing is simple. We all have an Inner Healer in us - all we need is to allow ourselves to feel your inner connection. If we reject or refuse to face our inner reality, it doesn't work. So, where do we begin?

What is mine and what isn't?

The reason why I am bringing up WHITE SHADOW is because the true reason for our exhaustion lies in our UNHEALED INNER CHILD WOUNDS and THEIR KARMIC & ENERGETIC ATTACHMENTS, which we have been circling around like a cat chasing its own tail for the past weeks.

Now is the time to allow ourselves to release all our old 'stuff' and make a commitment to ourselves, that from now on, we will only accept what is true and empowering for us.

Everyone has a different way of coping and adapting; evolving and maturing – everyone has a different timeline to choose and everyone has the right to do so! Freedom is a two-way street, and just because we have had a certain KARMIC PROPENSITY that forced us to learn these skills the hard way - doesn’t mean that there aren't better ways of dealing with ENERGETIC SENSITIVITY!

If we want to find OUR WAY - we need to release all patterns that bind us to our old ways: Pleasing, enabling, co--dependency, over-committing and self-neglecting - all these are part of our wounded self.

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