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10th-16th November 2017 Energy Update & Practical Tips (Week 46): Bringing Down The House - Call it Out!

By jona bryndis, Nov 10 2017 04:00PM

Energy Updates

Weekly Energy Update for Empaths, Awakening and Highly Sensitive People

10th-16th November 2017 Energy Update & Practical Tips (Week 46): Bringing Down The House - Call it Out!

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/noCgWZ39BTo


Week 46







- 7th SENSE


Hi All,

this is a short one. Here the short version - a bulleted summary of what to expect this coming week:


- Nasal congestion, eye and ear pressure, throat issues; Thyroid

- Flu symptoms

- Continued Mental & Emotional Looping -> inner incongruence

- Feelings of "I had enough' - getting sick of own 'sickness'

- Relationship escalations; acting out in anger

- Inner coldness; dissociation

- Metabolic issues; tiredness; lack of motivation

- rage/revenge as motivator; inner resistance/negativity


- Express your ttruth! Call it out! Stop waiting until you can't hold it anymore!

- Call on BS when you notice it and act consequentially (yourself included)

- Stop self-beat up! It's an ego-con job!It just drops your energy lower

- Reflect on your projections and YOUR part in misconceptions

- Boundary Work; Communicate Your Boundaries, Needs and Wants

- Release stored anger through stretching, breathing, martial arts, dancing, etc

- Face the fact that you have blindspots, and that your perception isn't always based on truth

- Let go of your needing to be right!

- Stop justifying, defending and judging

- Accept that you cannot find solutions when your energy os low - and be okay with it

- Regard phycial ailments as sign of inner dissonance/resistance

More is explained in the videos! For more remedies check the chakra charts below.

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Thank you for your time!

All the best.

Much Love,


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In context with 4th and 5th, for some continued 1st Chakra aspects....

For all empaths and highly sensitives:

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